Pasture Department

About Pasture Department

The Pasture department is considered one of the vital departments in the college. The department has contributed to graduating a large number of students, some of whom hold prestigious positions in the Almarai administration in Sennar and other states.
The department teaches a number of courses that in turn contribute to the development of natural pastures and protect them from degradation due to natural factors and animal factors due to overgrazing or increasing the pastoral load. The area of land cultivated by rain using pasture lands.
The courses of the pastures department are also concerned with protecting the pastures from the effects of drought and desertification and preventing the spread of undesirable plants, such as eushr, bitter melon, and haskenite, by collecting seeds of palatable plants, preserving them, and disseminating them in the fall season.
The department has a future vision in establishing and preserving a bank of natural plant seeds, and the department is now preparing to conduct training courses for shepherds and rehabilitate them as young men. The department is also planning to establish pharmacies for registered diseases in the state of Sennar
The department plans to contribute to covering the food gap, either by establishing small factories for the manufacture of concentrated feed from local raw materials in the state, such as molasses, bagasse, and oil press waste, or developing methods of preserving fodder and combating traditional methods of preserving fodder in order to bridge that nutritional gap.