Vice Chancellor's Office

Dr.Montaser Suleiman Mohammed Al-Hassan

Honorable visitors to the University  of Sinnar website, and through the university’s Vice Presidency page, which is considered the link between the various sectors and departments of the university and the relevant individuals. The University Vice Presidency has been keen to keep pace with and develop means of communication with it in order to shorten the administrative shadow and provide the best financial and administrative services.
Through our electronic page on theUniversity of Sinnar website, through which we seek to introduce the university’s vice-president and its affiliated departments, the university’s organizational structure, and a statement of its vision, mission, and goals that it aspires to achieve.
God willing, this page will be a qualitative crossing for effective communication with everyone, in addition to publishing news and events related to the university’s vice-rectorate and its various departments, and introducing the financial and administrative regulations and systems University of Sinnar .

The Vice Rectorate seeks to reach a pioneering model for its financial and administrative transactions and the management of university projects to achieve the vision of Sennar University in accordance with best practices by achieving the goals set for the Vice Deanship by using modern methods of work management, developing the skills of its employees and raising the level of comprehensive administrative quality.

Building an appropriate and effective administrative and financial work environment by providing financial and administrative services that meet the needs of university employees and working to develop them according to modern plans and mechanisms.

  • Work to develop all administrative, service and technical sectors of the university.
  • Ensuring the high-quality operational efficiency of the university’s resources in accordance with best practices that contribute to achieving the vision of  University of Sennar .
  •   Enhancing the mental image of the university’s agency.
  •   Continue the process of modernization and automation of electronic services within the university. Developing the university’s own resources Follow-up the implementation of administrative and financial laws and regulations in all affiliated departments in accordance with comprehensive quality standards.
  •   Interest in training cadres to raise their capabilities to achieve leadership in the employment of information and communication technology in all administrative services.
  • Computerization of all administrative procedures and the development of computerized programs used in line with modern technological developments.
  •  Developing methods for controlling and monitoring financial performance in accordance with the financial system in force at the university and in accordance with the applicable financial and accounting procedures regulations.


About Vice Chancellor's Office

Since the issuance of the Republican Decree in the year 1995  to establish University of Sennar , the University Vice Presidency has contributed effectively to achieving the vision and mission of Sennar University, as stipulated in its law and statute. The agency, through the organizational structure, according to which it plays an effective role in supervising and following up a number of departments, both financial and administrative, and entrusted with the implementation of all financial and organizational transactions related to the university’s human resources. and its message.

Duties of the Vice Rectorate:
– Supervision and control of financial management and stores.
– Supervising and controlling the Secretariat of Personnel Affairs
– Supervising and controlling the service and technical departments.
– Supervising and controlling the engineering department to ensure the implementation of projects according to the plans set
Supervising and controlling the security of the university and preserving its property by strengthening and raising the efficiency of the university guard.
– Periodic updating of the university’s administrative work methods, supervision and continuous improvement in procedures, in a way that enhances the completion of administrative and financial transactions with high efficiency.
– Supervising and controlling the management of its projects Preserving the university’s assets and property and developing its resources.
– Preparing the planning budget for the university through the relevant departments and with the help and guidance of the Accounting and Financial Management Department – College of Economics and Administrative Sciences Supervising and controlling the budget department and following up the appropriations for its items with the Finance Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.