Libraries Secretariat


Established in 2018 where the computer unit had been developed to operate an integrated automated system in the library and the integrated open-source Koha system has been applied by the University library for the first time in Sudan. Also the Department of the Automated System in the University has participated in the project of applying the integrated open-source Koha system as a unified system for the libraries of the Sudanese universities.

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About Secretariat

The College of Graduate Studies was established in 2005 to oversee the organization and management of graduate studies at the university.

Building a knowledge society that achieves growth, well-being and values by using ideal solution

Providing high quality educational programs and carrying out scientific researches that are up to date and distinct and capable of providing the society with the knowledge and training frameworks and preparing graduates with high professional competence for the public and private sectors in the various fields of identity. And contribute to the enlightenment of the community (culture of the field of the college) through cultural and social activities and the development of awareness to preserve the environment and values