Fish Department

About Fish Department

The Department of Fisheries is one of the five departments of the faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies. The department has been established since the birth of the faculty in 1993. Since then, students have been graduating from different fields of studies related to fish, namely marine and fisheries, fish research, and fish management in the states.
Department goals:
1- Enriching the student with the study of fish and aquatic life through the study of fish biology, fish farming, diseases and parasites of fish and different environments.
2- Economic studies of fish and the contribution of fish to the national income and the high income of the individual working in the field of fish.
3- Connecting students with the surrounding environment and fish processing processes (salting, drying and fresh fish).
Department vision:
The department looks forward to integrating into society by conducting seminars and lectures and educating citizens about the importance of food fish and preserving this important resource from depletion by fighting over fishing in the region and the Sinnar reservoir lake in general.
Department message:
– The department participated in seminars and external lectures in joint programs with the Society for the Protection of the Environment in Suki, where seminars were held for fishermen on over fishing and the problems of small size of fish.
– The Fishermen’s Union was formed in the Suki region and neighboring areas under the supervision of the governor of Sinnar state.
– The permanent participation of the department in the agricultural exhibition in the state of Sinnar, in the annual fish exhibition, which includes fish reserves, various fishing equipment and models.
– Participant of the department in technical consultations for fish farms in the region and the work of feasibility studies.
Scientific trips for students and linking them to the practical side and sea fishing in Port Sudan.
– Establishment of incubation ponds in the college for bachelor’s and master’s students.
The department’s participation in the celebrations of the World Fish Day in cooperation with the Central Fish Association.
The department graduated more than 200 male and female students in the fish specialization and spread in the labor market and teaching in various universities, including the director of fish in Sinnar state, deputy director of the general administration of fish in Khartoum state, director of fish research Khashm al-Qirba, director of fish research in the Blue Nile, director of fish farming in Al-Shajara administration, and head of the fish department at Al-Neelain University Jabal Awliya, Department of Fisheries, University of Bahri, and Director of Fisheries in Marawi.