Forestry Department

About Forestry Department

The Forestry Department was established in 1993, and (24) batches graduated.
Department objectives:
Providing distinguished study programs at the bachelor’s and postgraduate levels (Master’s and PhD) that meet the needs of the labor market in the light of contemporary trends.
Graduating distinguished cadres and research teams that keep pace with technological development.
Providing a department to benefit from the activities and services of the department to include community service and environmental development.

Department vision:
The vision states that the Department of Forestry – College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies – develops curricula in a way that keeps pace with global developments and the labor market and seeks to become one of the distinguished and internationally recognized departments at all levels in the field of forest sciences in education, research and society to meet current and future challenges with continuous development and sustainable development .
Department message:
The thesis states that within the framework of the mission of Sennar University, the Department of Forestry seeks to prepare graduates who are able to compete locally and regionally in the field of forest sciences, by offering distinguished programs and activities in education, scientific research, community service, and environmental development.