Sinnar City Campus

The state of Sinnar is about 300 km away from the capital of Sudan, Khartoum, to the southeast. The state of Sinnar is characterized by its agricultural, economic, social and cultural weight, which qualified it to be an area of attraction for local and foreign investment. It is linked to all states of Sudan by national roads bounded on the west by the State of the White Nile, on the east by the state of Gedaref and on the south by the state of The Blue Nile and from the north the state of Gezira, it passes through the Blue Nile from the south to the north.

Faculty of Community
Faculty Of Puplic helth
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty Of Ecnomic
Faculty Of Medicine
Graduate College
Faculty of Arts
Faculty Of medical laboratory
Faculty Of Engineering

Sinja City Campus

(Sinja City Campus) It is located in the capital of the state and includes the faculty of Education, the faculty’s restrooms, male and female students’ housing, and the health unit.

Faculty Of Commercial Studies
Faculty Of pharmacy
Faculty Of Education

Abuna’ama City Campus

Abuna’ama is located in the south of Sinnar State, 500 km away from Khartoum. The prevailing climate is the rich savannah climate. This region enjoys huge livestock represented in the Kinana cows and Alutish sheep, in addition to the camels raised by some of the tribes that inhabit this region.

Faculty Of Animal produstion
Faculty Of Agriculture

Wad Hashim Campus

The wad hashim  village  is one of the oldest villages of Khashm al-Bahr, established since the Zarqa Sultanate. It was called al-Fateh, about 12 kilometers away from the city of Sinnar. In the year 1900, Sheikh al-Arif Billah Muhammad Wad hashim established the current village of Wad hashim, a fan of Sufi orders. Wad hashim is distinguished by its tribal and ethnic diversity, as there are more than From 40 tribes coexisting and intermarrying in peace and safety. As for the cultural and social aspect, it has become affecting all the villages in its surroundings. Also in terms of educational institutions, there are basic schools, high secondary schools, kindergartens, a rural hospital, a university college, and it has a group of cells for reciting the Qur’an and an Islamic complex. From an economic point of view, there is the Wad hashim agricultural project north and south, and it has a group of merchants and craftsmen.

Information Technology Departmint
Faculty of computer Science and Information Technology
Computer Science Departmint

Mayurnu Campus

The city of Mayrnu is located on the western bank of the Blue Nile, on the Sinnar-Damazin highway, about 15 kilometers south of Sinnar and Sinja, between the two cities of Sinnar State. The city of Mayrnu was founded in the year 1906  following the large historical migration that led Sultan Muhammad Blue Mayrnu in 1903 AD after the fall of the Suktu Islamic Caliphate, which was founded by the mujahid and the great reformer, Sheikh Othman bin Foudi.

Faculty of Shari’a and law
General Law Departmint
Faculty of Shari’a and law
Faculty of and Shari’a law
Comparative Law Departmint

Al-Dinder City Campus

(Al-Dinder City Campus) and includes the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine due to the animal wealth in the region.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Al Suki City Campus

The city of Suki, which is located in the state of Sinnar, 339 km from Khartoum on the eastern bank of the Blue Nile, and 43 km from the Sinnar Reservoir, between longitudes 33-34 east and latitudes 12-13.5 north. Omdurman Al-Falata with the borders of the Blue Nile state, and to the north it extends to the village of Awad Al-Sayed at the borders of Sinnar locality, and to the east to Hillat Abd Al-Karim with the administrative borders with Al-Dinder, and to the west it is bordered by the Blue Nile, and the village of Awlad Hamed. The Suki locality is characterized by fertile lands suitable for arable cultivation, 90% of which has a population density of 7,120 people, most of whom work in agriculture, sedentary and semi-nomadic grazing, and its area is 900 km. It is also characterized by large areas of reserved governmental forests and private and popular forests.

Wildlife Department
Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
Pasture Department

Abu Hujjar City Campus

The city of Abo Hujjar, which is one of the localities of the state of Sinnar, is located in the southeast of the state on the western bank of the Blue Nile. It covers an area of 3575 square kilometers and extends between longitudes (3345-3410)º and latitudes (10-12)º and (13-13)º. A strategy with many resources such as grazing, animal husbandry, livestock of all kinds, forest fish, in addition to traditional and mechanized rain-fed agriculture through pump irrigation, artificial irrigation, and gardening.

Faculty Departments
Faculty of Education – Basic Stage
Abu Hujjar City Campus

Aldali City Campus

(Aldali City Campus) It includes the presidency of the Faculty of Islamic Jurisdiction Science

Faculty of Islamic Jurisdiction Science
Faculty of Islamic Jurisdiction Science
Faculty of Islamic Jurisdiction Science