Faculty of Shari’a and Law

The faculty plays a mission and a major role in consolidating the principles of right, justice, and the rule of law, providing the legal community with everything new in the field of legal sciences and developing human resources, preparing specialists in legal studies, providing them with legal skills, and building a balanced personality capable of advancing society.

About Mayrnu City Campus

Sultan Muhammad Blu, aka Mai Wornu (Mayrnu), is the founder of the city of Mayrnu, and the city acquired its name from this founder. The word (May Warnu) consists of two words, May, meaning king or companions in the Hausa language, and the word Warno, which is the name of a region in the northeastern city of Sokoto, Nigeria, founded by The Commander of the Faithful, Muhammad Blu bin Sheikh Othman bin Foudi, who was the first to be called (May and Reno), and it was customary in the succession of Sheikh Othman bin Foudi, the Islamic Caliphate of Sukto, to call whoever bears the name Muhammad Blu also bears the name of Mi and Reno, so the founder of the city of Mayronu bore the title of Mi and Reno And when he founded the city, it also bore his name, and later the name changed from (Mi Wernu) to (Mayrnu).

Dr/ Adel Abdel Hamid Amer

BIO:PhD Philosophy in Private Law

Speech of Faculty Dean

 University of Sinnar is one of the landmarks of the national renaissance in central Sudan, including applied scientific colleges and theoretical colleges, headed by the College of Sharia and Law. Sharia and legal fields and contribute to the preparation of qualified national cadres scientifically and practically that combine determination, giving, honesty, loyalty and affiliation and perform their role assigned to them in the legal and legal field in the various justice agencies.

Former Deans of the Faculty

Former Deans of the Faculty of Shari’a and Law since its established in 2009.

Dr/ Abdel Aziz Ibrahim Abdel Rafi

2019 - 2021


prof/Muhammad Al-Fadil Ahmed Musa

2009 To 2016

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