Computer Systems and Networks

About Computer Systems and Networks

Providing distinguished theoretical and applied educational programs and research that make the department a pioneer in the field of networks.
1) The Computer Networks Department is looking forward to preparing competencies in the field of programming and network maintenance to comply with the current and future requirements of the labor market in both the public and private sectors.
2) Provide quality education in the basics of networking and train students to be effective in applying networking concepts to solve real problems.
1) Enhancing the ability to use the necessary techniques, tools and skills in the computer.
2) Ability to develop computer frameworks and apply modern technologies in network design and management.
3) Providing students with a strong scientific base reinforced by training and practical experience.
4) Connecting parts of organizations and institutions to each other through computer networks
5) The ability to install and configure computer networks and carry out maintenance and management operations for all types of networks, especially complex ones, to achieve optimal performance and provide technical support to users.
6) The ability to analyze and discover errors and problems in computer systems networks and to identify the causes of malfunctions and ways to solve them.