Information Systems Department

About Information Systems Department

The Department of Information Systems was established in 2018 to be one of the departments of the College of Computer and Information Technology and grants a diploma in information systems. The department aims to qualify male and female students to occupy technical and administrative positions, as the department includes a group of professors who are qualified to provide the latest scientific materials to students. Male and female students of the Department of Information Systems begin their rehabilitation, starting with their establishment in various basic computer fields such as programming, networks, systems design, and software engineering, to be able to achieve their goals and support them to be active in the decision-making process. The philosophy of the Information Systems Department is based on qualifying male and female students in the theoretical foundations of information systems and strengthening them with basic and applied concepts in business science through practical applications that focus on identifying and solving existing problems in the field of business. The Information Systems program is characterized by combining the computer foundations with the technical needs of administrative organizations. The program provides theoretical foundations in information systems as well as an understanding of managerial principles and practices, which are reinforced through practical application that focuses on identifying and solving existing problems in the business world.