Sinnar University Journal for Human and Social Sciences

Planning budgets and their role in monitoring and evaluating the financial performance of universities (A field study on a sample of Sudanese universities)

Author: Muntasir Suleiman

Keywords: Planning Budgets- Monitoring- Financial Performance evaluation.

The grammatical issue in his saying, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, his family, and his companions: “He has two rewards”

Author: Ismail Khedr Khalafallah

The impact of quality costs on increasing the competitive advantage of Sudanese industrial facilities (Field study: Sennar Sugar Factory)

Author: Al-Fateh Al-Fadl Muhammad Al-Hajj

Keywords: costs of quality, competitive advantage.

Prison literature in the poetry of Al-Hambata in Sudan Descriptive analytical study

Author: Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed Hamza

Selection and training of the educational supervisor in the basic stage in Sennar state In the light of contemporary trends of supervision

Author: Neamat Mohamed Mohamed Nimr

Espionage in the era of the Abbasid caliph al-Mansur and its impact on state security (136 AH, 754 AD - 158 AH, 775 AD)

Author: sida elnaeem Abdullah Musa

IQ of identical and non-identical twins (Field study in Khartoum State)

Author:Suhair Mohamed Ahmed and etc.

The use of modern technology in training And his role in raising the efficiency of the performance of workers in the Sudanese Sugar Company

AuthorAlelish Mohammed Al-Hassan and etc.

Keywords: TheTraining, technology, Efficiency, Performance, Sudanese Sugar Company.