Basic Stage-Scientific Department

  1. Providing male/female students with sufficient basic professional and academic skills that qualify them for the labor market.
  2. Preparing male/female students to pursue postgraduate studies and scientific research in the fields of science and mathematics.
  3. Conducting scientific and applied research to contribute to solving health, agricultural, industrial and environmental problems in the state.

Excellence in teaching science and mathematics and developing students’ skills in it.

Providing a distinguished educational and research program in science and mathematics for a number of graduates who contribute to community service by providing a stimulating academic environment.

About Scientific Department

 The scientific department was established in 2015, these is same year in which the  Faculty was established.

The Scientific Department offers a Bachelor of Science and Mathematics program. The program was designed in line with the study plan with the rest of the corresponding colleges in various Sudanese universities.
The Bachelor of Science and Mathematics program helps students to work in different fields and qualifies them to develop their scientific and practical skills. It also prepares them to pursue postgraduate studies and research in various fields of science. The program consists of (four academic years), and the student enrolled in this program must successfully complete the approved academic hours.