Faculty of Community

  • Faculty of Community were established in order to contribute to the development of society, as a natural response to the community’s lack of basic knowledge and capabilities to provide for its necessary needs.
  •  Faculty of Community focuses on the development of (the individual’s relationship with society) on the one hand, and (his relationship with the natural environment) around him on the other.
  • Work on training and qualifying cadres and raising the capabilities of workers and youth, especially women Providing awareness and guidance in different societies.
  • Contribute to spreading the culture of peace and peaceful coexistence among the components of society.
  • Attention to women and children issues.
  • Touching emerging issues affecting society and striving to solve them.

Applying the university’s mission to society, reflecting the university’s vanguard role towards society, and achieving the third goal of the university and college’s mission, which is community service. The college represents a value in itself targeted by all sectors of society.

More Information

Faculty of Community does not require obtaining any previous qualification, as the college accepts (everyone who has the desire to teach and learn, and they are: University, illiterate, and craftsmen. Age is not required in admission.

The study plan for the curriculum is an academic year, from six months to one year, and courses and short courses vary according to the program of the target group.

The faculty has approved granting a certificate of rehabilitative training to its students, proving their attendance and their receipt of the theoretical and practical aspects of the study according to the subject-matter curriculum of the faculty and approved by the faculty of Community  Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the relevant fields, and the real value of the faculty certificate obtained by the student in the community college (i.e. social and institutional recognition.

About Faculty of Community

The philosophy of community colleges is based on a religious and human heritage that elevates the value and dignity of the individual, and believes that education is a continuous process that increases his capabilities, effectiveness, and independence, and raises his value in society. It also believes that community colleges are part of the society in which it is located, and seeks to meet its needs and achieve all its interests according to a scientific vision that takes into account the value of the individual and the group for the development and growth of its societies. Very easy, and this is due to the nature of the target groups and the subject curriculum.