about Graduate Studies

Advance postgraduate studies to the degree of excellence and quality in various programs, to reach the ranks of international universities.

Supporting and developing the graduate studies environment to keep pace with global developments, promoting the local community, and introducing specialized programs.

  1. Contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge in all its branches through specialized studies and serious research, in order to reach innovative scientific and applied additions to new facts.
  2. Enabling students who hold university degrees to continue their postgraduate studies locally.
  3. Preparing specialized scientific and professional competencies and qualifying them highly in the fields of knowledge
  4. Work to link postgraduate programs with plans for comprehensive and sustainable development.
  5. Paying attention to field and experimental studies to confront educational and social problems
    economic, security and appropriate solutions.
  6. Closer relations with relevant universities and research centers.

More Information

  1. An agreement was signed with the Abu Ihab company to recruit students.
  2. A framework agreement was signed with Karari Locality to train teachers in Karari Locality
  3. A framework agreement was signed with the Ministry of Education in Sinnar State for teacher training.
  1. Master of Medical Sciences program with courses and complementary research.
  2. Master of Education Program in Mathematics
  3. Master’s program in wild life with courses and complementary research.
  4. Master’s Program in Meteorology with courses and complementary research.
  1. Endeavoring to establish virtual and digital libraries in all faculties concerned with postgraduate studies at the university.
  2. Activating joint research within the framework of postgraduate studies with research institutions.
  3. Activating joint research for faculty members, especially research aimed at solving the problems of the local community.
  4. Providing some devices and equipment that help postgraduate students to obtain information easily.
  5. Establishing a documentation unit concerned with electronic documentation of graduate studies seminars and discussion exams.

About Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies was established in the year 2000 and since that date it has placed its first priority on the advancement of postgraduate studies, working on its vision and mission, accompanying the message of  University of Sinnar and interacting with the national issues of Sudan.
It also benefited from the experiences of Sudanese universities in the field of postgraduate studies and human experiences in all kinds of knowledge.
The distinguished location of  University  of Sinnar in Sinnar State had a preferential advantage in bringing students from East Asian countries, Gulf states, East Africa and South Africa – The faculty has cooperation protocols with many international universities.