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University of Sennar

The sincere desire of the people of the city of Myrno to establish a technical college serving the people of the city of Mayrno and its neighbors have been approved to build the college and provided support for the implementation of this project giant.


It was established to work in all fields that have scientific and professional expertise in the university and abroad related to consultancy work. Engineering consultancy - economic and financial - legal - educational - medical - media - agricultural and animal



 Sinnar University was established in 1994 by separating Abuna’ama College of Agriculture and Natural Resources from the Blue Nile University, and then new faculties were added to the university.

General Objectives of the University:

Qualifying students scientifically and educationally to obtain scientific vacations - bachelor's, technical diploma, postgraduate diploma, master's and doctorate
Application of modern technology and qualification of students to obtain technical diploma
Conduct research and studies related to economic and social development




  The academic and scientific renaissance in our country has been growing year after year, and recent years have seen a tremendous boom in this regard


        Number of students
Established in November 1994. Company Name: Raoq Trading, Contracting &
-nvestment Co. Ltd. The purposes for which the company was established:
-Carrying out general import and export business.
-Working in the field of heavy and light industries and setting up factories and workshops in various fields

Obongamh College of Agriculture

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